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Our Hospital AE  Remember the jingle Don't Just Go to A and E when you can see your GP   the 111 number should be able to advise if  Out of Hours


Avoid smoking  Alcohol and too much Fast Food. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Do some exercise. If your joints creak join a gym and get fit not fat!

Tiredness in women is often due to iron deficiency. Get your ferritin checked by the Practice Nurse. Anything under 25 is low and iron is worth trying, for 6 months.

Almost everyone is Vitamin D  deficient. Take a supplement 1000  units/day for adults, there are special preparations for babies primary school kids and  pregnancy. Get your calcium and creatinine checked before starting if you feel unwell.

Attend check ups when asked. It might prevent something going wrong.

New advances are being made in Cancer Auto-Immune and Genetic Diseases. There is hope ahead.


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